Why do you need Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple?
  • You’ve decided not to destroy the other in ongoing, expensive litigation;

  • You both know what you want and you want quality documents that will stand the test of time – done right the first time;

  • You intend to easily work together and begin again.


Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple is different from any other online family law solution you’ll find in the market today.

Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple are not an assortment of generic family law fill-in-the blank forms that you may find elsewhere.  Our form packages are not ripped-off from the free forms you can obtain from court assistance offices.  Our forms packages are time-tested, attorney endorsed, and accurate.


Guiding you through a better approach to Idaho family law is all we do.

If you want to be sure that you and your spouse never have a civil conversation again, throw yourselves into a high conflict, all-out court battle. After all, polarizing, high conflict drawn-out court battles are a fact of life.  In some cases such contention can’t be prevented. But in many situations you can take control of your own lives and navigate through the complex, life-changing process of a family law case in a peaceful and respectful manner.


If you want something better for your family, decide now. It’s your future and the future of your family. You may need assistance, and that is why we provide the initial attorney consultation. Some persons may need even more assistance to be sure they are doing right by themselves and everybody else involved.


For those persons, we recommend the only the best family law mediators who will work with you and your spouse or the other parent through the toughest aspects of co-parenting and property and debt division. 


The family law mediators who we recommend are certified by the Supreme Court, have years of experience, are speakers and authors, and are leaders in their field. We recommend that you hire the best.  They are surprisingly cost effective.  Do not trust your future with a novice.


When you hire your own mediator separately, you save money.  Your best mediation service is face-to-face. 



What to watch out for

Services that quote a low up-front fee.  Such as “Starting at ______.”  These services can rope you in, add up quickly, and far outpace their initial low ball quote.  There may be additional issues along the way, but insist on a reliable estimate.


“Legal Professionals” giving advice, when what you really need is a licensed attorney and perhaps a bona fide mediator.


Advice over the phone.  Or telephone mediation.  Human contact is based on physical presence where all your senses are engaged. A disembodied voice a thousand miles away is not as effective as a face to face sit down meeting.

We make sure you get it right
  • Attorney Consultation included in your package

  • Mediation if you need it.  On your own.

  • Detailed Idaho specific filing instructions included

  • Customer support before and after filing to ensure your success




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