Why file a Custody or Paternity Petition?


Why establish Paternity?

Ever hear of the 80/20 rule?  Well it applies to paternity as well.  In paternity testing, 20% of the test results prove that the male who was identified as the father is NOT the father.  That leaves 80% who are the father.  With odds like this, it is in your best interests and in the best interests of the young child to take the test and secure your relationship with your child now, while your child is young.


Even when you know your paternity status, it is still in your child’s best interests that you memorialize your relationship with a court order that everyone can rely on.


Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple has created a three step process – a streamlined, yet comprehensive system to help you to achieve your order of custody and paternity.



  • Attorney Consultation



  • Petition for Custody, Establishment of Paternity (if necessary); Child Support and Parenting Time

  • Summons

  • Parenting Plan (optional)

  • Child Support Calculations

  • Affidavit Verifying Income

  • Family Law Case Information Sheet



  • Order of Custody, Child Support and/or Paternity

  • Plain & Simple Instructions