Who needs a Fee Waiver?


Anyone who is strapped for cash and has no realistic way to borrow the amount of money needed to file your action, or to respond to an action.  Do your bills outpace your income?  Are you in debt? Have you been left in the lurch with a lot of bills and no money? You may qualify for a fee waiver.


A typical case involves a person who has been a stay-at-home parent and suddenly finds herself, or himself, separated, and having been served with a petition from the other party.  The person served has just 21 days to respond in most cases.  If he or she does not respond, the other side wins by default and the person not responding has to live with a one-sided result.


What is a Fee Waiver?


The court requires the persons involved in Family law cases to pay a fee.  One fee for the initiating party, and one fee for the person who is answering, or responding to, the first person’s initiating document, whether it be a petition for divorce, or a petition for modification or other actions in family law court.


Currently the filing fee for a divorce is $207.00 and the fee for an Answer and Counterclaim is $136.00. You are each responsible for your own filing fees.


A fee waiver is a grant from the court waiving your filing fee, whether it be for your initial application or for your response.


How do I apply for a Fee Waiver?


The court assistance offices have free fill-in-the-blank forms that you can use.  The forms call for careful reporting of your finances, your obligations of support for dependent children, your income and your debts, among other reporting requirements.


When you use Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple, you get the Fee Waiver package, for free, completed with the same care and attention to detail that we give to all of our form packages.


Do I get a Fee Waiver just by applying?


No.  Whether your judge grants you a fee waiver depends on the facts you present, and the discretion of your judge.  Simply applying is no guarantee that you will receive a fee waiver.


That being said, Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple has had good experiences obtaining fee waivers for those who are truly in need.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, and if the court grants the fee waiver, it’s money saved that you can use to support your family.


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