When is Guardianship of an Adult Child necessary?


Adult Guardianship it typically used by parents who have a dependent child who has reached age 18, but is not capable of independent living. Often these children are autistic, or suffer from conditions that render them vulnerable out in the independent world.


Although a vulnerable adult child may be able to navigate many adult responsibilities, he or she may easily fall prey to some unscrupulous individuals.  This is when a parent may wish to extend his or her protection over their adult child. Without a court order, you may be unable to protect your dependent adult child from the inevitable slings and arrows of life.


The parent who seeks guardianship must prove to the court that he or she has their adult child’s best interests at heart. This involves evidence of medical histories, financial disclosures, proof of a safe residence and the like.


It’s true that generic fill-in-the-blank forms can be found at no charge through court self-help websites.  However, this sequential step-by-step process involves a high degree of compliance and accuracy.  Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple has created detailed, custom-drafted court- ready forms, as well as a roadmap to walk you through the process.  We’re here to help.


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STEP ONE:  Starting the Case

  • Attorney Consultation {link to The Consultation}

  • Petition for appointment of Guardian

  • Notice of Guardianship Petition and Hearing

  • Acceptance of Appointment by Guardian

  • Consent to Appointment of Guardian

  • Waive of Notice (optional)

  • Family Law Case Information sheet for Guardianship Cases

  • Care Plan (Health & Welfare requirement)


STEP TWO: Applying for Temporary Guardianship

  • Motion for temporary guardianship

  • Letters of temporary guardianship

  • Order of temporary guardianship

  • Order Appointing Temporary Guardian

  • Notice of Temporary Guardianship


STEP THREE:  Finalizing the Guardianship

  • Order to Appoint Attorney or Guardian ad Litem

  • Judgment Appointing Guardian of Minor

  • Letters of Guardianship

  • Affidavit of Service

  • Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple Instructions