Counseling and Divorce Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly -- Here's Why

Divorce can be a wild ride on an emotional roller coaster. Don't go it alone.

Divorce is one of the, if not the most, difficult times of anyone's life. You need to surround yourself with the right team to help you get through it all. You can't and shouldn't go it alone. Because, you're not alone!

Consider a good therapist or counselor when you are forming your divorce team.

A good therapist will help you with the emotional aspects of dealing with a divorce. Divorce is a one-way ride an emotional rollercoaster! You want to be able to navigate this very trying time in your life the best way possible.

As a divorce attorney, I see a lot of the emotional turmoil. You wouldn’t believe the number of women and men whose eyes fill with tears when talking about their break up. But I'm not a trained therapist and I need to stay in my own lane. I try to focus on the practical legal aspect of the divorce process. That's why having a team approach is so helpful. No one expert can do it all for you.

Signs You Need Divorce Counseling – Don’t Ignore Them

It’s true -- many people can get through a divorce on their own. Especially if both you and your spouse have accepted the divorce and continue to communicate with each other. However, for some couples, the fight is on, and in those cases, divorce counseling just might save your sanity. If can’t get on a level playing ground when it comes to co-parenting, that is another sign you might benefit from therapy.

There are a lot of red flags that you may need to seek Divorce Counseling. Face it, if you’re going through a divorce, you’re going to feel bad. But if you’re overwhelmed by sadness that is a sign to seek support through counseling. Other signs and symptoms that you may need help include:

  • Hard time sleeping

  • Poor concentration

  • Disinterest in activities

  • Low appetite

  • Sudden weight loss or gain

  • A sense of self-loathing

  • Feeling unworthy

  • Isolating or withdrawing from people or events

  • Strong or limited emotions

  • Debilitating depression

  • Excessive anxiety

  • Thoughts of suicide

  • Feelings of disgust, fear and dread so bad that you can barely assist your attorney who’s working on your case

If you’re dealing with these symptoms in yourself or your ex (or another person you care about, who happens to be going through a divorce, seek help through counseling to ease your journey along the process.

Paula Brown, Boise counselor, has years of experience with divorce, and post-divorce counseling. Ms. Brown also provides special rates to those without insurance. Text Ms. Brown at (208) 761-4050, or contact her at I speak from personal experience, and Paula Brown is insightful, respectful and supportive. I highly recommend this competent and caring counselor.

Counseling can ease your divorce journey.

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