Who does the Step Parent Adoption Process benefit?


You’ve been a single parent before.  The children’s non-custodial parent is simply not in the picture. There is no physical presence, and financial support is nonexistent. You’ve been married to your current spouse long enough to know that you are now a family.  Your spouse loves your children, and they love your spouse.


You know if it’s in your children’s best interests that your spouse adopt them.

Idaho Family Law Forms Plain & Simple has created a straightforward system to accomplish a non-contested step parent adoption.



  • Attorney Consultation



  • Petition for Adoption and Termination

  • Summons

  • Family Law Case Information Sheet for Adoption

  • Notice of Filing Petition to Terminate

  • Motion to Waive Investigation

  • Order Waiving Investigation

  • Acknowledgment of Service

  • Agreement of Adopting Petitioner

  • Consent to Adoption by Natural Parent

  • Consent to Adoption by Minor Child

  • Waiver by Natural Parent for Adoption and Termination

  • Notice of Hearing for Adoption



  • Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Order to Terminate

  • Order to Seal Records

  • Order, Judgment and Decree of Adoption